Is humanity worth saving?

According to, “If Earth’s history is compared to a calendar year, modern humans have been around for 37 minutes and managed to use up one third of Earth’s natural resources.” To this current pandemic (Covid-19), humanity faced an extinction level threat. If not addressed sooner, humanity may end its existence on Earth. Is it a good thing? or a bad thing? is humanity really worth saving?

Those are the questions that I have been thinking for a while. Through the life years of the Earth, many scientists predicts that Earth has lived for a billion years already and they are unsure of its future now. It has been healthy not before the humans act selfishly due to their personal interest without taking actions of the consequences.

Human actions created great havoc through the years of its existence. From illegal wildlife trade and illegal hunting of wild animals that caused extinction for some other species of animals that have been living well according to its natural ecosystem, and to the abuse of the Earth’s natural resources that caused unbalance that results to climate change.

Climate change is a result of the wrongdoings that humanity has done. The earth is getting hotter and the ocean levels are getting higher due to the melting of glaziers. We destroyed the natural climate cycles. Humanity is the most intellectual species yet destructive.

There is a reason why we exist in this world. Just like other species, we eat, we grow, and reproduce. Humanity is on top of the animal kingdom because of its capabilities to think which is bad or good for us. We humans have been given a purpose just like a bee trying to pollinate the flowers so that flowers will reproduce. But we don’t have to do what the bee’s job because they are doing their job great. So what do really humans must do?

I believe humans must be the one that guides other species for its survival and for the survival of the planet. Understanding each species just like Zoologists do, and as human population increased dramatically, we must find a better solution for humans and other species to live in this planet. We should help one other for the best solution we could get and execute it, as a citizen of this world and for the future of this world.

After all the stupid and destructive things that humans have done, I believe that we humans are also capable of doing good things. We humans exist in this world because we also have a purpose. A purpose to make this world a better place to live, not only for us humans but also for the other species that live on this beautiful planet. So to answer my question, humanity for me is worth sparing. What are your thoughts?

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