Second Chance

What time is it? SUMMER TIME! No, its global warming. The heat we felt this summer season is much hotter, it’s the effects of climate change. Last night I’ve felt a fat burning experience, while I was just surfing on the web, my sweat just couldn’t stop dripping for an hour.

Have you experienced severe heat these days? and you tell yourself that it’s normal because its summer season, but your body is telling you a different story because no matter how many times you bathe, after a minute or two, your sweat keeps on dripping again like a water faucet. Are we blind? scientific data clearly shows us that global warming affects our world and our life. It’s because we refuse to acknowledge the reality and keeps on dreaming on fantasy.

The heat we felt individually is much less compare to the heat that our Planet is amassing. According to new scientific research published by, data shows that rising seas will eradicate more cities by 2050. Persons living near coastlines are threatened the most. Most countries are worried with their citizens in the near future, that’s why some countries take action by preparing to relocate their people to a higher grounds while other countries are making a seawall to prevent the water from entering their coastlines.

If those preventive measures are enough to protect their country and countrymen by the year 2050, what happens 100 years from now or the year 2100? are those preventive measures be enough? I guess not. It can help, but not an overall solution. More financial and other resources will go to waste. Ocean levels will keep on rising if we do not take climate change seriously.

According to a youtube video presented by NOVA PBS OFFICIAL, rising seas is one of the effects of natural climate cycles explained by Milutin Milanković in his hypothesis before, and now supported by many scientist, called Milanković Cyles. Global warming as part of climate change is normal. By the years of the Earth’s orbital rotation on the sun, ice age and other weather phenomenons will repeat every thousand years, but not before humans contributed more CO2 emissions by building factories. Naturally, volcanoes and oceans are the main contributors of CO2 emissions that goes through the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Earth will remain hotter. The ice age might not repeat its cycle. We destroyed the natural climate cycles. According to NASA Climate Time Machine, the illustration shows that from 1984-2019, the Earth is much hotter than ever before, that’s why sea levels are getting higher faster than previous predictions because of the melting of glaciers.

Second chances don’t come too often. There might be no more chances if we don’t take bold actions regarding this issue. Our actions now will greatly affects the future. This is our time to act, time for our Planet to heal, and a time for the next generations to live a better life.

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